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We are so dedicated and passionate about helping, that we give 100% of the donation money we receive to the people in need and/or medical research. This is the #1 reason why has become the world's most trusted way to donate money. We welcome you to read our Mission Statement or make an online donation now.
About Us is a registered 501(c)(3) organization and was formed because we saw a need for a change in the way people could donate their hard earned money. Most people who donate money do not realize where their money is actually going and how much of it actually makes it to what you donated to in the first place. We also got tired of hearing people saying that they are doing their part in this world to donate money to help different causes, but realize only pennies actually are going to the cause. Learn More

August Awareness Month

Homelessness is the condition of people and social category of people who don't have a regular house or dwelling because they cannot afford, pay for, or are otherwise unable to ...
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Planning a Wedding / Getting Married?

Many people whom get married decide to make a donation to a cause as a wedding favor. It is often symbolic for something that has happened in the their lives and is extremely thoughtful. It's a great way to start a new chapter in their life. If you are getting married and planning a wedding, remember, gives 100% of every dollar to the cause! Read more...

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Planning a fundraiser for is an easy thing to do and is a vital source of funds for All fundraisers affiliated with require prior authorization. If you are interested in hosting a special event and/or want to learn more about fundraising and how we can help you, please visit the Plan a Fundraiser page.